Thursday, March 8, 2012

Two Tears In A Bucket....

Sooooooo....this week's subject for my blog challenge is comprising a bucket list. This is quite a challenge, because I've never even considered making a bucket list. I can honestly say that it has never crossed my mind to make a formal list of the things that I wish to do or accomplish before I die.

One of the main reasons that I haven't, can be found in the actual name of the activity. That reason is can be found in the word, list. I absolutely abhor list. I believe my disdain for lists started back in elementary school. Whenever  the teacher had to leave the room unattended for any length of time, he/she would designate someone to "take names" on the chalkboard. The designee would be assigned the task of "listing" the names of those who behaved badly while he/she was gone. Needless to say, my name showed up on quite a few of those "lists". It was usually, for talking. *i know, GASP!*

No one wanted their name on one of those lists because that meant "no recess". Having no recess was like Bennie telling Vera that there was only a swallow of orange juice left. Somebody was about to have a bad day.

Another reason I've never considered doing a bucket list is because to this pessimistic optimist (I'll explain at a later date) it makes me think too much about mortality. Since being self-diagnosed in my late 20's with an incurable case of Peter Pan Syndrome, which means I refuse to grow up, I refuse to get old, and I refuse to die. I'm immortal! That's it! So if I don't plan on dying, then there's no reason to write down a list of things that I wish to do before I die, because that would be insane. Am I right?

I'm sure by now, that I have you all scratching your heads. I get that a lot. For you see, there is confusion sometimes found in brilliance. Remember Einstein and that confusing mass of cilium that topped his brilliant mind?

Ok. Ok. Let me take a stab at being serious for a bit. Let's pretend that one day I may get old and I may even die. What would be some of the things that I would list? Well, just take a gander below.

1.  Become a published author (well, on my way)
2.  Become a sought after motivational speaker
3.  Learn to drive a motorcycle
4.  Own a motorcycle
5.  Travel to another country
6.  Be photographed by photographer extraordinaire, Saddi Khali
7.  Perform a spoken word piece in front of an audience (my stuffed animals don't count)
8.  Scuba dive
9.  Jet ski (do I have to know how to swim????)
10.Own my own company
11. Learn photography
12. Yoga
13. Live in tropical paradise
14. Create a safe haven for our young
15. Marry Idris Elba (don't judge me! I can dream can't I?)

That wasn't so bad after all. In fact, it was quite therapeutic. Thanks L-Boogie for challenging me to do this. Gave me some things to think about.

Signing's your girl,

Nikki Angela X Brown


  1. Excellent, interesting goals :-).

  2. OOOOH, I LOVED it Nikki-AX-Brown! I have a few in common with you sis, 1# I am self-published but I want the real-deal! 2-5# 13#--Mmmmmmmm, yes!!! and 14#<---awwww, how sweet-COSIGN!! ...Um, number 15# you and and every other sistah' can fight-it out for that one,LOL! THANKS for the shout-out--LOVED IT, I am again inspired! ;-) ( I love the title too, clever!)

  3. thanks lena and melanie! glad you both enjoyed it!